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Here is all the news for the club. 

2014 Membership Drive - 04/29/2014

A very large turnout this morning for membership drive. A large number of good prospects attended. Hopefully many of these people will join our club and be a part of our community activities.

Popcorn Fundraiser - 01/08/2014

Club Members are gearing up for annual fundraiser on January 29th. Should be another good year.

All Dictionaries Delivered - 11/19/2013

All members have delivered all dictionaries to Norfolk 3rd Graders with a very favorable response.

Today at Kiwanis - 08/10/2010
Steve Warner introduced Gina Clyde, program director for Bright Horizons of Norfolk.

She stated that they have a 24 hour crisis line with a local telephone number (379-3798).

Bright Horizons is dedicated to the elimination of violence against women, men and children through empowerment, education, social action, and support services.

The Norfolk Bright Horizon group services Holt, Boyd, Antelope, Knox, Madison, Pierce and Stanton counties, with a satellite office in O’Neill.

They had 220 clients in July in the Norfolk Office.

Today at Kiwanis - 08/03/2010
Lori Taylor of Christ is King Sudz group spoke of the group’s trips to India.

Seven years ago a group saw special needs in education for the lowest cast group in India (Dalit group).  Within 4 months they had raised $23,000 to build a school for the Dalit group.  The school now has over 700 students and is overcrowded.  The Sudz group is supporting an addition to the school.

Many of the local churches have members who visit India and help the schools for the Dalit class.

Since 2001, India has slowly opened colleges for the Dalit class, allowing 15%, with pressure to increase the entrance allowance for the Dalit.

HIV is a big problem in India and Human Rights, especially for women,...

Today at Kiwanis - 07/27/2010
Ron Skiff introduced Kary Pfeil, area manager for the Head Start Program.

The head Start Program is a free pre-school (four hours per day) program for children of families that qualify for the program.

Basic Mathematics, science and phonics  are taught and some need assistance in learning English.

Locally, they have four classrooms, 20 children in each classroom.  They have a waiting list and co-operate with the Public Schools which also has a pre-school program.

They also work with parents to get out of the poverty level with resumes, job training, parenting skills and other related issues.

Today at Kiwanis - 07/20/2010
Warren Reimer introduced Eric Schoh, Athletic Director at Wayne State College. He spoke of the reconstruction of the football stadium and the many facilities located in it.

Many Scholarships of different degrees are offered. This year they will award almost $600,000 in scholarships to deserving athletes in all of their 15 sports.

Wayne State College athletes have a 3.0+ grade point average.

Many students wish to walk on, but many of the programs need to limit the number of walkon that are accepted.

Today at Kiwanis - 06/08/2010
Mike  Noelle introduced Roger Brummels who spoke and showed pictures of the May 27, 1948 Chicago Lumber Co. fire, which burned down the north side of Norfolk Avenue between 5th and 6th street.  

In 1976 all Chicago Lumber Companies changed their name to Century Lumber.

Today at Kiwanis - 05/25/2010
Merlin Milander introduced Madison County Commissioner, Jerry McCallum.

Mr. McCallum stated that it is very important for a commissioner to understand the county budget.  Madison County keeps 23% in reserve and the law states you cannot have more than 28% in reserve.  Even in a downturn of income, government is still requested to do at least the same essential duties.

He supports the Elkhorn Valley Economic Development program to help keep and bring back our young people by attracting new businesses to the area.

He also spoke on the lack of people using their voting privilege.

Today at Kiwanis - 05/11/2010
Tony Maxey introduced Larry Arens, NPPD operations manager, who spoke on the new building program for NPPD on east Omaha avenue.  The building will have space for 93 employees, 50 vehicles, trailers and equipment.  Many questions were answered on windturbine costs and kilowatt hours on each turbine.  There will be an open house in the fall.

The Morning Kiwanis Outstanding Student Banquet will be Wednesday,  May 19 at the Lifelong Learning Center.